Near Cincinnati, OH Train Accident, Sep 1859


The telgraph has already informed us of the occurrence of a serious accident on this road, by which about twenty persons were injured. The Cincinnati Gazette has full particulars of the accident. It was caused by a broken rail, over which the locomotive passed safely. The baggage car was thrown partially off the track, while the hind trucks of the third were thrown partially into the White Water Canal, and only kept from being wholly immersed by the coupling between the forward and hind trucks. Providentially, only one person was very seriously injured; she is a MRS. BURNS, a lady about 87 years old, whose back was injured. She was thrown by the jolt from her seat, and several persons fell upon her. She was accompanied by her daughter, a lady some 16 years of age, who was slightly injured. It is a singluar coincidence that MRS. BURNS' husband was killed, a few years since, by an accident similar to this.
The names of the injured persons, so far as they could be ascertained, are as follows:
N. F. LUCKEY, head cut, arm bruised.
J. V. BRANDIE, nose cut.
G. H. REINHART, arm bruised.
A. ULLER, head cut, arm mashed.
DAVID MAY, leg bruised.
WM. WHAYLAND, nose and forehead cut.
J. HAMILTON, face cut, arm bruised.
CHARLES STEWART, head and back badly hurt.
______ McSWITZ, leg bruised.
MRS. MONTGOMERY, slightly bruised.
MRS. WATSON, bruised.
MR. SNIDER, head cut.
MRS. SNIDER, shoulder and head much hurt.
MRS. BURNS, (87 years of age,) it is feared her back is broken.
MISS. BEIGLER, face cut.
MRS. WEIGLE, face cut.
H. THOMAS, two teeth knocked out.
JAMES BROWN, back badly bruised.
MR. R. W. RICHARDS, arm bruised.
WM. JACKSON, arm cut.
W. C. PLILEY, Jackson, MIss., face and hand cut.
M. CONNOLY, face cut, back bruised.

The New York Times New York 1859-09-30