Lawrenceburg, OH (near) Steamer ZACHARY TAYLOR Explosion, Jan 1854


The Indianapolis Journal, of the 22d, has the following account of the explosion of the ZACHARY TAYLOR:
The steamer ZACHARY TAYLOR, a freight-boat, running from Aurora to Cincinnati, had a flue collapsed on Wednesday morning just before daylight, at a point on the river about half-way between Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg. By the accident three men were killed and eight or nine wounded and scalded; several were found to be missing after the accident. The steamer Forest Queen, running in connection with the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad, reached the wreck not long after the accident, and lent all the aid in the power of those on board to relieve the sufferers. The dead and wounded were taken to Lawrenceburg.
The ill-fated boat was loaded with live hogs, and had two barges in tow, likewise loaded with hogs. By the explosion, the animals were killed and thrown overboard in great numbers.
Just before the explosion, the boat had been stopped to make some little repair, and when started again, the flue collapsed at the second or third revolution. The second engineer was seriously injured, and Capt. HENRY FROTZMAN, who was standing near him, was hit on the head with a piece of brick, and received a slight wound. The TAYLOR used to run in connection with the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad, but was drawn off the line a couple of weeks since for freight purposes. The unfortunate men who suffered by the explosion were all employes on the boat except one man from Greensburg, a hog driver, named SMITH. He was not much injured.
It appears by certificates of the steamboat inspectors, published in the Cincinnati papers, that this boat has been running since July last, without complying with the law of Congress. There are six several entries in the inspectors' books, that she was wanting in many of the requirements of the law. One steamboat, the Forest City, was dismantled to furnish the ZACHARY TAYLOR, so as to bring her within the law, but when the Forest City commenced running again, the ZACHARY TAYLOR was in turn dismantled to refurnish the former steamboat. As these facts were known to the steamboat inspectors, they certainly were remiss in not proceeding against the owners of the boat before the accident occurred, causing the death of at least three persons.

The New York Times New York 1854-01-27