Hebron, OH Light Plane Crash Kills Five, Aug 1966


Hebron, Ohio (UPI) -- Five bodies were found today in the wreckage of a light plane which crashed into a wooded area about three miles northwest of this central Ohio community.
Aboard the aircraft when it took off from Mansfield Tuesday was the pilot, PAUL ROOT, Shelby, Ohio, and four employes of the Mansfield Sanitary Pottery Co. Inc.
They were identified as KENNETH EDMONDSON, 55, and ARTHUR YOUNG, 47, both of Perrysville; HENRY MOYERS, 48, Englewood; and THEODORE SMITH, 43, Loudonville.
Wreckage of the plane enroute from Mansfield to Chattanooga, Tenn., was seen about mid-morning today by a Highway Patrol helicopter.
The patrol was alerted by a farmer who said he heard a plane passing early Tuesday, noticed its engines seem to cut out and then heard a crash. He did not immediately report it.
"It looked as though they were trying to land in a corn field but overshot it and crashed into a woods just south of the field," said a spokesman at the Hebron Patrol post.
The twin-engined Cessna 310 chartered from Richland Aviation, Mansfield, took off about 6:44 a.m. EST Tuesday. ROOT had filed a flight plan that took him through Columbus to Huntington, W. Va., over Lexington and Lund, Ky., and into Chattanooga.
The plane believed to be carrying fuel for about three hours flying, was to have arrived at Chattanooga shortly before noon Tuesday.
The four pottery company employes were reportedly en route to inspect a plant site.

The Coshocton Tribune Ohio 1966-08-17


I believe this crash occurred

I believe this crash occurred 50 years ago today, August 17, 1966. I was 10 years old and remember it like it was yesterday. I was friends with one of the boys whose father died, Ted Smith.

We drove to see the wreckage at a small airport hanger. I remember my father was very sad, as he was good friends with Ted and Ken.

Kenneth Edmondson was my

Kenneth Edmondson was my great grandfather. He was a member of the Loudonville-Perrysville School Board, and an employee of Mansfield Plumbing Products. He, along with three other MPP employees were on their way to Tennessee on that fateful day, accompanied by pilot Paul Root. The Ohio State Patrol ruled the crash was caused by pilot error. He applied for special clearance to fly on that day and was granted it. A malfunction of the tail section due to sever whether was the ultimate cause. The brother of the pilot believes that the pilot may have suffered a heart attack during the flight, and the passengers were left to fly the plane. No one know's for sure. Thank you for sharing this story, I am working on a museum exhibit and this excerpt, which was previously unknown to me, will definitely be included.

thank you

These are the comments that amaze me ..
Thank you so much for sharing and letting me know I reached you .

Hebron,Ohio plane crash (1966)

I was to have been on that plane trip, but I had gone to Shelby, Ohio to visit Carton Service Co.. After the plant visit, I stayed and played golf there, came back home to Perrysville and found I had missed the flight.
...All good men, they actually were going down to Tenn. to investigate a new piece of equipment we felt might be used in our Perrysville, Ohio plant. The report we later received from investigators was the plane tried but was unable to avert a thunderstorm. Ironically, several years later I left the company, went to work down in the Hebron area and happened to attend the same church as the farmer whose land the plane fell on. I was astonished when one day in Sunday school he began talking about the accident.