Milan, OH Trolley Car Wreck, Jun 1903


To Pieces by Electric Car

Patrick Malloy Run Over and Instantly Killed at Milan-Asleep On Tracks

Patrick Malloy a resident of Norwalk and Milan was instantly killed by an electric car near Milan at 9:30 Monday evening. He was run over and ground to pieces as he lay in a drunken sleep on the tracks. Malloy was well-known character living part of the time in Milan and part of the time in Norwalk. He had a wooden leg and seldom worked. It will be remembered that during the smallpox scare at Norwalk he was arrested in Sandusky for breaking the quarantine and was fined. The man was on an electric car going from Norwalk to Milan Monday evening and got off the car at the sawmill near the hill. He had been drinking heavily. It is supposed that he fell down or lay down on the track after the car had passed and fell asleep. A few minutes later car No. 1 going in the other direction and in charge of Conductor 11 King and Motorman Martin Purcell came along. The car was upon the prostrate man before he was seen and passed over him the wheels mangling the body horribly. The remains were turned over to Undertake Ralle of Milan on Tuesday morning coroner Schoepile went to Milan for an inquest. It is probable that the Milan authorities will provide for the interment although it has not yet been fully decided whether or not the man was a resident of Erie County. Malloy was about 30 years of age. He had a brother and a sister living in Norwalk.

Sandusky Evening Star, Sandusky, OH 2 Jun 1903