Wilmington, OH Autos Collide, Aug 2000


Wilmington (AP) - A car trying to pass another car in a no-passing zone collided head-on with another vehicle on State Route 73, killing four people and injuring four, the State Highway Patrol said.
BILLY SMITH 30, of Lynchburg, was trying to pass another vehicle about 2 p.m. Saturday when his car collided with a car driven by MERLYN D. SHORT, 49, of Wilmington.
Dead are SMITH, SHORT, and two passengers in SMITH'S car, ANGELA CARTER, 23, of Amelia, and one of SMITH'S children, BRIANNA, 7, according to authorities.
SMITH'S two other children were injured. KENDRA SMITH, 6, was in fair condition at Children's Hospital in Dayton Sunday morning and BILLY SMITH, 4, was in critical condition Sunday morning at Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati.
SHORT'S wife, DEBORAH, 46, was listed in fair condition at Ohio State Medical Center. JAMIE MARSH, 15, of Wilmington, a passenger in SHORT'S car, was in critical condition Sunday morning at Dayton Children's Hospital.

The Newark Advocate Ohio 2000-08-21