Batavia, OH Train Wreck, Oct 1884

Batavia, OH Train Wreck, Oct 1884


An Express in Ohio Plunges Through an Unsound Bridge.


BATAVIA, Ohio, Oct. 18. -- At six o'clock last evening the middle span of the bridge across the East Fork river, on the Cincinnati Eastern Narrow Guage [sic] Railroad, gave way as the Manchester express train was passing over it.  The bridge is fifty feet above the water.  The engine, baggage car and the first coach were hurled into the water beneath, while the rear car remained on the sound portion of the bridge.  Forty-five persons were on the train at the time and many made miraculous escapes, several leaping to the stream below.


The following were killed:

Edward Wilbur, engineer, of Sardinia.

Henry Jones, fireman, of Manchester.


The following is a list of those injured:

Samuel Carr, skull fractured; will die

Dave Hicks, badly scalded, one of his legs broken; cannot recover.

Ben Moore, bruised about the head and shoulders.

John Nash, brakeman, leg sprained.

Mary Swallun, bruised about the shoulders.

James McCoy, badly cut about the head.

Charles Durham, conductor, slightly injured.

A number of others receiving trifling bruises.

The engineer and fireman were both killed instantly.  They leave families.  The bridge was being repaired, but was considered safe, as several heavily loaded freight trains had passed over it a short time before the accident.  The other passengers aboard the train were nearly all in the rear car.  Had this coach followed the first section the loss of life would have been appalling.  Most of those injured were section hands.

New York Herald, New York, NY 19 Oct 1884