Cleveland, OH Fireman Saves Child from Street Car, Sept 1904

Fireman Saved Child.

Jumped in Front of Scovill Avenue Car at Risk of His Own Life.

Placing himself in great peril Joseph Kessler, a fireman of company No. 28, rescued a girl five years old from in front of a Scovill avenue car yesterday afternoon. So close was Kessler’s escape in performing his heroic fear that the fender of the car struck him upon the leg, but did not seriously injure him.

Kessler was riding in the front vestibule of an eastbound car about 4 o’clock. The car was moving swiftly, when at Greenwood street the child started to cross the tracks. The motorman rang his bell, which seemed to bewilder the young girl, and she stood as if transfixed upon the track directly in front of the approaching car.

The fireman saw the danger of the child and with great presence of mind he acted instantly. He jumped upon the fender of the car, while the motorman put on his brakes. A few feet from the girl Kessler leaped to the pavement and with a bound grasped the child by the arm and pulled her from the tracks.

Speedy as was his action the car reached him before he had himself entirely cleared the track, striking him a glancing blow upon the leg. The child, however, had been safely placed beyond the path of the car and although severely frightened, she was uninjured.

The girl was taken to her home at No. 158 Greenwood street. Keller’s injuries were not sufficient to keep him from his work and he later reported for duty at his company’s headquarters on Hill Street.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 4 Sept 1904