Caldwell, OH Airship SHENANDOAH Disaster, Sept 1925 - Survivor Stories

Survivors Tell Feelings As Disaster Overtook Blimp

Survivors of the Shenandoah disaster, able to collect their thoughts after their experience, told the following brief stories:

J. E. Mallick, Hooversville, Ps.: “I didn’t have any time for sensations. I was inside the ship when I felt her lurch and before I knew it she hit.”

J. J. Hahn, Philadelphia: “I was inside and I looked out the windows when she reeled. All I could see was the trees rushing up at me and I thought it was all over. I fell out when she hit the trees and I figure. I’m right lucky.

L. E. Allegry, Logan, O.: “Well I was in there and now I’m out and the think I’m thinking about now is a day or so of leave to go home and see the folks.” He was granted a leave by the commander and left for his home with his brother-in-law who arrived in Caldwell shortly after the survivors were brought to that city.

J. Cole, Philadelphia: “I had just got out of my berth and gone forward when I felt the upward lift of the bag. I heard the noise of the twisting framework as the ship buckled. As the center of the bag dropped I slid down a rope ladder. Burned my hands, but laded safely.”

Ralph Jones, Los Angeles: “I felt that all was not well when I climbed out of my berth and noticed the pitching of the ship. I felt I would be safer to climb on top of the cabin and I jumped off when the car hit the ground.”

Lieut. C. E. Bauch, Dorcester, Mass.: “I didn’t have any sensations and I didn’t think.”

F. E. Masters, Akron, O.: “I felt it was all over. I don’t remember what I did after I realized things were going bad with us.”

Frank Peckham, Freestone, Md.: “I felt her reel and lift and wondered how soon the big bump would come. I’m glad I’m here.”

The Times Recorder, Zanesville, OH 4 Sept 1925