Caldwell, OH Airship SHENANDOAH Disaster, Sept 1925 - List of Dead & Injured


Lieutenant Commander LOUIS HANCOCK, JR., of Austin, Texas, executive officer.
Lieut. J. B. LAWRENCE, St. Paul, Minn.
Lieut. A. R. HOUGHTON, Alston, Mass.
C. P. O., E. B. SCHNITZER, Tuckertown, N. J.
M. M., JAMES MOORE, Savannah, Ga.
Chief Rigger, E. H. ALLEN, St. Louis, Mo.
Lieut. E. W. SHEPPARD, Washington D. C.
Rigger R. T. JOFFRAY, St. Louis, Mo.
M. M., B. B. O’SULLIVAN, Lowell, Mass.
M. M., W. A. Spratley, Venice, Ill.
Machinist Charles Broom, Tom’s River, N. J.
M. M., C. P. Mazzucco, Murray Hill, N. J.
M. M., James W. Culinan, Binghampton, N. Y.

Chief Gunner Raymond Cole, Lima, Ohio, cut and bruised, thought not to be fatally injured.
Rigger John F. McCarthy, Freehold, N. J., suffering from serious injuries and cuts. He may die.

The Times Recorder, Zanesville, OH 4 Sept 1925