Marietta, OH (Vicinity) Destructive Cloudburst, June 1896



Marietta, O., June 26. -- The amount of property destroyed by the terrific cloudburst which visited the little valleys of Moss Run and the Little Muskingum River Wednesday night was the greatest calamity that ever occurred in this county. The property loss will reach several hundred thousand dollars, but up to a late hour Thursday night no lives are known to be lost. Travel in the stricken district is impossible, every bridge across the small streams being swept away. Live stock suffered extensively, and many bodies of drowned animals have floated down the Ohio. Crops over many square miles of fertile lands are utterly obliterated.
News coming in Thursday shows that homes of scores of families have been destroyed, together with stores, churches and buildings of every description. At Eight-Mile and Fifteen Oil fields many derricks were torn loose and the rigs carried away. The scene along the little stream is one of devastation -- a Johnstown without the dead.
In the vicinity of Archer's Fork, Thomas Ludington, Jacob Davis, George Dencher and James Courtney lost their homes and everything they contained. The flouring mill of Joshua Goodman was swept from its foundation and carried away. On Moss Run the stores of Isaac McGowan, Peter Stegnor, Heslep Brothers and Harrison Hamilton were torn away by the flood, and their contents are now being distributed along the banks of the Ohio. Three schoolhouses and three dwellings were obliterated near Hills. The new Baptist church at Fifteen, dedicated only last spring, is gone. Hadley's schoolhouse has vanished, and a dozen small dwellings in the hamlet near by kept it company. The store of Edward Kitts, the post office at Hesley & Evilsizer's flouring mill at the mouth of Moss Run were also destroyed.

Daily Leader Marietta Ohio 1896-06-27