Wellsville, OH Boiler Explosion, Jul 1886


WELLSVILLE, Ohio, July 17.--An upright boiler in the boiler shop of Joseph Fassett, on Second-street, exploded this morning at 7:30 o'clock, wrecking the entire building. None of the employes{sic} were injured. Adjoining the boiler shop is the residence of Mrs. Maggie Driscoll, whose two little girls, Clara, aged 5 years, and Mary, aged 3 years, were playing in their door yard opposite the boiler room. When the explosion occurred the little ones were caught and held fast by the debris of the building, while the scalding steam poured over them. Clara was dead when taken from the ruins, and Mary was so badly scalded that she may not recover. The boiler, weighing about a ton, was blown through the roof into the air, and buried itself in a back yard on Second-street, 300 feet from the shop.

The New York Times, New York, NY 18 Jul 1886