Conneaut, OH (Lake Erie) Schooner ELIZABETH Wrecked, Oct 1820


Cleveland, Oct. 31.
The statement in our last paper, respecting the shipwrecks, was in several particulars incorrect.
The schooner Aurora rode out the gale without injury. The schooner Wolf was beached near Buffalo. The Schooner Commodore Perry remains on shore, having received considerable injury.

The Erie Gazette states, that the captain of the schooner Elizabeth (which was wrecked near Conneaut) and one sailor, with a MISS RHODA SLOAN, formerly of Canandaigua, N.Y., perished during the night of the 10th inst.
The wreck and several trunks were found on Wednesday and Thursday following. The bodies of those who were in her, have not yet been found.
We understand the owners of the schooner Franklin and Cargo, Messrs, Hamot and Tracy, have offered one half of the vessel and one fourth of the cargo, to any person who will raise her; which offer has been accepted by some individuals, and hopes are entertained of their succeeding in the undertaking.

Ohio Repository Canton 1820-11-16