Dayton, OH Bomber Crash, Jan 1947


Dayton, O., Jan. 15. -- (AP) -- A Flying Fortress crashed in a woods three miles from a Patterson Field landing strip last night killing three members of its crew and critically injuring a fourth.
At Wright Field, where the crew was stationed, officers identified the dead as:
Maj. WALTER L. MASSENGILL, of Dayton, Pilot.
Warrant Officer BENEDICT F. JACQUAY of nearby Osborn.
Master Sgt. LEE P. HARTMAN, engineer.
Lieut. MARVIN C. RICE, co-pilot, was in critical condition at Patterson Field hospital with severe lacerations and probable internal injuries.

Newark Advocate Ohio 1947-01-15



Dayton, Jan. 16. -- (AP) -- An army bomber crash which caused the death of four crew members was investigated today by a board of officers from the army's nearby Wright Field, where the victims were stationed.
The Flying Fortress came down three miles northwest of nearby Patterson Field Wednesday night, knifed through 500 yards of underbrush, hit a tree, exploded and burned. The plane was returning from a routine flight to Lawson Field, Ft. Benning, Ga.
Lt. MARVIN C. RICE, 26, of Ney, O., died of head injuries at Patterson Field hospital yesterday 20 hours after the crash. RICE, the co-pilot, was too badly injured to offer any explanation for the accident, and the other crewmen died in the wreckage.

The Newark Advocate Ohio 1947-01-16