Sarahsville, OH Boiler Explosion, May 1886


A boiler explosion occurred at Sarahsville, Ohio, resulting in the death of four men and the fatal injury of another. The boiler in the planing mill belonging to JAMES HERRING, burst, totally wrecking the building, and causing a complete wreck of the entire structure. At the time the explosion occurred there were five men working, including the proprietor, four of whom were killed.
The names of the killed are:
The first three named were killed outright, their bodies being blown on an average of 200 yards, and completely blown to atoms. The latter, JAMES HERRING, the proprietor, was caught by the falling building and so badly hurt that he died in a few minutes. NATHAN BUTLER, a boy who was also working in the mill, was so badly hurt that amputation of one of his legs was necessary, and was otherwise injured. The four men killed were all married and had families of children dependent upon them for support. The boy, NATHAN BUTLER, was also the support of parents.
Sarahsville was almost entirely destroyed by fire less than a year ago, the property belonging mostly to poor people who could not stand the strain, and this awful calamity coming so soon, taking off so suddenly four able-bodied men, leaving wives and orphans dependent upon the world for subsistence, is terrible indeed.
The building was two stories high, frame and not very substantial. The engine, of a portable make, and saw-mill were in connection with the mill. The report of the explosion was very loud, and scores of persons from the surrounding country flocked to the scene of the disaster.

Carroll Sentinel Iowa 1886-05-21