Darke County, OH Tornadoes, Mar 1920


Dayton, March 29. -- Search of the wreckage caused by the tornado which Sunday struck near Greenville in Darke county, brought the revised casualty list tonight to eight dead, 10 seriously injured and 11 slightly hurt.

In the wreckage late this afternoon was found the body of MISS MARY J. DENNISON, assistant principal of the Patterson school, Dayton, who was spending Easter vacation with her mother, MRS. GEO. W. DENNISON, in Lightsville, 10 miles north of Greenville.

The revised death list, in addition to MISS DENNISON, follows:
MRS. POLLY HEISTAND, widow, Lightsville.
RUSSELL FIELDS, farmer, Lightsville.
Infant child of MR. and MRS. ALFRED COX, Lightsville.
WILLIAM MOTE, farmer, Greenville.
MRS. JOHN OLWINE, Greenville.
ELMER COLE, Greenville.
Infant son of MR. and MRS. OMAR HECK, Nashville.

Seriously Injured.
The seriously injured:
CHARLES SNYDER, injuries to head and left breast, may die.
MRS. OMAR HECK, injured internally, may die.
MRS. BERT WEYBRECHT, head injured.
MRS. AD. PUDARBAUGH, internally injured.
PARK SHADE, jaw and leg fractured.
CLARA BELLE SHADE, fractured jaw, cut about body.
MRS. ALFRED COX, injured internally.
MRS. GEO. W. DENNISON, hurt internally.
MISS BELLE DENNISON, ribs fractured.

In the territory where the storm struck it is estimated that at least 50 houses were almost totally demolished and many barns containing valuable livestock, demolished. Half a hundred additional homes were damaged.

Three hundred persons tonight are homeless, and are being cared for by families in Greenville and adjacent towns. Red Cross nurses were dispatched from Dayton with supplies and clothing. Although many families lost practically everything they owned it is not believed that appeal will have to be made for outside aid.

The Sandusky Register Ohio 1920-03-29