Allen County, OH Tornadoes, Mar 1920

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Lima, O., March 29. -- Six persons in Allen and adjoining counties are known to be dead and more than 20 were injured in the tornado which swept Western Ohio Sunday night and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars damage.

Today villages and towns in Allen, Auglaize and VanWert counties, through which the gale zig-zagged its way, are in ruins. Hundreds of persons are homeless, electric car line service has been suspended, and telephone and telegraph communications have been cut off. The only news received from the country districts has been brought out by automobile parties.

Here Are Dead.
The known dead:
M. M. ARCHER, 52, farmer, Allen County.
GEORGE RADER, 65, VanWert County.
MRS. LUCY RADER, 62, VanWert.
JOHN KACHELRIES, 6 years old, Moulton.
MARY KACHELRIES, 4 years old, Mounton.
JOSEPH LOCHNER, 18, Moulton.

All of the victims with the exception of the KACHELRIES children, were crushed to death when their houses were demolished. The bodies of the girl and boy were picked up by the storm and carried a distance of several hundred rods, where they were found by a rescuing party.

Officials of the Ohio Electric Railway and the Western Ohio railway, both electric lines, declared tonight it would be impossible to resume car service before tomorrow. Hundreds of poles are down along the routes and trolley wires were swept away.

The Sandusky Register Ohio 1920-03-28


moses archer

moses archer was my great grandfather, ferdinand archer was my grandfather and norman archer was my dad.

larry archer

March tornado 1920 Lima, Ohio

My great grandfather was one of many killed by that storm any more pictures? maybe of his farm
his name was Moses M. Archer

Thanks Raymond Archer Jr.