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Cleveland, OH Tinkers Creek Bridge Collapse, Jan 1896



Fatal Accident in Ohio Shortly After Daylight This Morning---Miraculous Escape From Instant Death of Two Men---There Were No Passengers on the Train---A Frightful Plunge.

Cleveland, O., Jan 9.---The Akron, Bedford and Cleveland Inter-Urban Railway Company's bridge, which spanned Tinker's creek, just southeast of Bedford township, collapsed shortly after daylight this morning and a powerful 100 horse power motor on which were three trainmen and attached to which was a heavily laden coal car, plunged to the bed of the creek, 50 feet below.

WILLIAM YOUNG, one of the trainmen, was instantly killed.

The other two trainmen, HAYMAKER and GLEB, miraculously escaped instant death. They were both so badly injured, however, that they may die.

Fortunately there were no passengers on the train, the regular passenger car having passed over the bridge a few moments before the structure collapsed. The train that took the frightful plunge was a work train.

The New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 9 Jan 1896

article | by Dr. Radut