Wauseon, OH School Explosion, Mar 1960


Wauseon, Ohio (AP) -- An explosion of undetermined origin Saturday wrecked the Clinton Street Elementary School. Six people were injured one critically.
Police said three men were working in the basement cleaning a sewer line when the explosion occurred.
The blast blew the roof off the gymnasium, buckled walls and blew out all the windows and window sashes.
Windows were blown out in the downtown area two blocks away.
Chunks of the building were found a block away from the school.
Plumbing contractor WILLIAM GORSUCH, 50, was buried under debris and firemen had to dig him out.
He was reported in critical condition at Detwiler Memorial Hospital with burns over most of his upper body.
His son WILLIAM, JR., 24, and school janitor RALPH TODD, 58, also were working in the basement. They were reported in fair condition with some burns and body bruises.
Also injured was MRS. ANNA PFUND, 66, cut by glass while sitting in a car hear the school.
Supt. of Schools WILLIAM PEES, who was scorched by the blast while walking to his office in the building, and GARRY GOTTSCHALK, who suffered a broken leg. GOTTSCHALK, who was visiting here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Gottschalk, was hit by fragments.
Apparently there was no fire. However, one observer said the building, which houses grades 5 through 8, was a total loss.
It was built at a cost of $260,000, 15 years ago.

Mansfield News Journal Ohio 1960-03-20