Clyde, OH Interurban And Bus Collide, May 1934



Fremont, O., May 7. -- Testimony that the driver of a Great Eastern Stages bus which crashed at Clyde Sunday, causing two deaths, had a liquor odor on his breath when he started his Toledo to Cleveland run, was given today to investigation of the crash.
MEYER BRIE, 27, Coney Island, N.Y., extra driver on the trip, told Prosecutor Glen Bracy, Sandusky county, that he detected the liquor odor on the breath of the driver, DAVE YEIGH, who was injured seriously in the accident.
BRIE, responding to questions, said he told YEIGH he had "a bit too much under the belt," and that he had asked YEIGH to let him drive.
MISS ELIZABETH LECORCHICK, 19, Rowes Run, Pa., testified YEIGH'S breath "was strong with the odor of sen-sen," a breath perfume.
MISS LECORCHICK told county and state investigators that the bus grazed a truck leaving Toledo. BRIE did not confirm this, saying he had been sleeping at the time.

Clyde, O., May 7 -- Coroner D. W. Philo, of Sandusky County, today inquired into a head-on collision between a motor bus and an interurban car which cost two lives and injury to 18 other persons early Sunday.
The bus was nearing a stop here, according to its passengers when it veered suddenly onto the tracks and met the approaching interurban car with a crash. The car tracks are in the center of the street.
The dead are:
MRS. GLADYS FREEMAN, 23, of North Bergen, N.J.
Both women boarded the bus in Toledo.
Five of the injured were rushed to Bellevue Hospital, scene several years ago of a railroad school bus accident which killed a score of persons.
The other injured persons were taken to Memorial Hospital, Fremont.
The bus driver, DAVE YEIGH, Euclid Village, O., was in the Fremont hospital, critically hurt.
A westbound Lake Shore Interurban and a Great Eastern Stages bus, enroute from Toledo to Cleveland, figured in the accident.
The crash occurred at 4:05 a.m. The bus was ripped in two and its top caved in on the passengers, who were unable to explain how the vehicle veered into the interurban's path.
Motorman and conductor of the interurban ran back to the village for help and rescue work went forward quickly. Many villagers scantily clad and aroused from sleep, visited the scene.
Dr. Philo who came from Fremont and Doctors J. J. Gedert and E. J. Shanahan, of Clyde, administered first aid in the first pale light of morning.
The bus had hurtled into a concrete abutment after striking the interurban car.
P. K. Wadsworth, president of Great Eastern Bus Lines, believed the crash caused by a blowout of a bus tire, saying the driver had a 10-year safety record.
Only one persons escaped injured in the bus. MADELIA JANET JOHNSON, 4-year-old negro child, was extricated frightened but unharmed, and asked immediately: "Where is my hair ribbon?"
E. C. STOTZ, Fremont, interurban motorman, was injured slightly. O. L. PENCE, conductor was not hurt.
The seriously injured were:
DAVE YEIGH, 31, of Euclid Village, O., bus driver, near death in Memorial Hospital, Fremont, from a shattered leg and other injuries.
JOHN CORAK, Braddock, Pa., in Bellevue Hospital with a broken left leg and deep cuts on face and arms.
MRS. DOROTHY HUMPHREY, Pittsburgh, in Bellevue Hospital with internal injuries, shock and scalp wounds.
Injured in Fremont:
NORMAN NOMINEC, 42, Point Place, Toledo, bruises and cuts on the right eye, shoulder and legs.
HARRY LEUSLEDORF, 31, Hat Creek, Wyo., cuts and bruises.
MISS ELIZABETH LECORCHICK, 19, Rowes Run, Pa., cuts and bruises.
MRS. CLAUDIA JOHNSON, 20, Chicago, cuts and bruises.
JAMES WILLINGHAM, Cleveland, cuts and bruises.
MEYER BRIE, 27, Coney Island, N.Y., cuts and bruises.
MRS. ANNA GETSHALL, 59, Valley City, N.D., cuts and bruises.
WILLIAM MINS, 31, porter, Chicago, severe cuts.
EDWARD GOODWIN, 46, Boston, cuts and bruises.
Injured in Bellevue Hospital:
RAYMOND BROOKS, 20, Syracuse, N.Y., cuts and bruises of the scalp, face and body.
MISS EDITH ESKILSON, 42, Lianon, Ore., cuts and bruises.
EMIL ESKILSON, son of MRS. ESKILSON, cuts on neck.

Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 1934-05-07