Thief River Falls, MN Fatal Train Crash, 1943

Loren C Dillon, 56, Soo Line Conductor and veteran employee of the system since 1905, suffered fatal injuries in a train crash at Fordville, North Dakota Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. He was rushed to a local hospital, where he succumbed Sunday evening.
At the time of the accident Mr. Dillon was in the caboose of a freight train that had gone from Theif River Falls to Fordville, ND and which was standing on a side track while the locomotive backed up to the water tank at the west end of the yards.
After taking on water the locomotive porceeded east on the main track, but when it came to switch it turned off onto the siding and crashed into the caboose, partly telescoping it against a freight car filled with grain.
At the instant the crash occured Mr. Dillon was on the front platform of the caboose, making his way outside. He was caught in such a way that both his feet were cut off above the ankle in addition to all the fingers of his left hand, as well as suffering severe internal injuries. He was placed in a combination car and rushed 82 miles to the nearest hospital in a record 80 minutes. Mr. Dillon was reported having been conscious until reaching Theif River Falls, when he lapsed into unconsciouness which continued until this death Sunday night.