Merry Oaks, NC Train Wreck, Nov 1911


Four Residents of Washington Injured, but Not Seriously.

L. R. Tindall and Three Trainmen Suffer When an S. A. L. Engine Leaves Track Near Raleigh, N. C.

Raleigh, N. C. Nov 2.--Seaboard Air Line through passenger train No 43, running from New York to Jacksonville, was derailed, with the exception of the engine at Merry Oaks, 20 miles west of Raleigh at 8 o’clock tonight. None of them was fatally hurt.

Among the residents of Washington reported injured are G. T. Cashwell, express messenger, L. R. Tindall, of 230 Seventh street northwest, M. H. King, mail clerk, and H. L. Rosswell, mail clerk.

The others reported injured are Miss N. Doyle, of Quincy, Mass., Frank Strouner, of Brockton, N. Y., W. H. Pawe, Camden, S. C. , Mrs. G. W. Murray, of St. Petersburg, Fla., W. G. Thweatt, Richmond, Va., Dr. F. C. Hoke and wife no address; Mrs. H. L. Bruster, of Rochester, N. Y., Miss Sarah Long of Syracuse, N. Y., Mrs. R. W. Thompson, St. Petersburg, Fla., Nathan St. Kaughman, of Baltimore, Md., R. G. Simpson, of Pittston, Pa., Miss Marie Cochran no address, H. B. White no address and J. H. Ryan, of Richmond Va.

The cause of the wreck has not been determined.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 3 Nov 1911