Louisburg, NC School Bus Crash, Mar 1946


Louisburg, March 4. - (AP) - Four negro children were killed instantly today and 15 were injured when a Franklin County school bus crashed through a bridge railing and plunged into Perry's Pond, it was reported by Franklin County School Superintendent Wiley Mitchell.
Mitchell said he learned that the regular driver of the school bus had permitted a negro boy, who was not certified to drive a school bus, to drive the bus, and the uncertified driver was at the wheel when the tragedy occurred.
Names of the victims were not immediately available.
Mitchell was unable to say how the four children died, whether by drowning or by the crash through the bridge railing, he said some of the children appeared to have drowned, but their bodies also showed injuries.
Some of the survivors also were hurt in the crash instead of suffering from the effects of the water, he reported.
Mitchell said the school bus "was torn up."
The accident occurred two miles north of Pearce's school at a point about six miles from Zebulon.

The Daily Times-News Burlington North Carolina 1946-03-04