Pilot Mountain, NC School Bus Accident, Sep 1967


Pilot Mountain, N.C. (AP) - The girl driver and one of her 32 passengers were killed Monday afternoon when a school bus veered onto the right shoulder of an unpaved road and tumbled down a bank.
Fatally injured were PEGGY SUE NELSON, 17, a junior at South Stokes High School, who was driving, and WAYNE HOLT, 12, who was in the sixth grade of the Pinnacle Elementary, which the passengers attended.
State Highway Patrolman O. M. Hicks said some of the children told him the bus ran off the road while MISS NELSON was trying to shift into a lower gear to get up a hill.
Three children were hospitalized with injuries believed not serious, 14 were examined at a hospital and released, and 14 were given first aid by a physician.
Pilot Mountain and Pinnacle are in Stokes County in northwestern North Carolina, near the Virginia line and about 25 miles north of Winston-Salem.

Daily Times News Burlington North Carolina 1967-09-26