Niagara Falls, NY Icicle Crushes Trolley, Mar 1907


Special to The New York Times.

Niagara Falls, March 12. -- An icicle that became detached from the high bank below the railway bridge at the Whirlpool Rapids this afternoon caused the death of JOSEPH MENZER, a conductor on a belt line car, injured Motorman HYATT, wreck the electric car, and injured these passengers: S. S. LINDSEY, Pittsburg, Penn., arm broken, and MRS. LINDSEY, badly shocked; DR. and MRS. J. E. NEWIG of Sioux City, Iowa, both shocked and bruised.
After the washout of last January the Gorge road opened a single temporary track along the rapids. At the upper end a switch opens to the old double track. Conductor MENZER went ahead to throw this switch, but as he found it clogged by ice, Motorman HYATT jumped off to help him. While they were clearing the switch the ice came rushing down the slope of the bank, which is very steep at that point. Both MENZER and HYATT ran to get away from the path of the ice, but MENZER was caught and crushed. HYATT had a narrow escape from death.
Great pieces of ice weighing tons struck and crushed the car, but the seven passengers were able to escape with cuts and bruises to the roadbed.
DR. and MRS. NEWIG are on their honeymoon trip.

The New York Times New York 1907-03-13