New York City, NY Electric Train Crash, Feb 1907

The Dead:
MYRON E. EDWARDS, White Plains, member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
E. S. JOHNSON, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
C. F. PAGE, No. 40 Barker Avenue, Williamsbridge, N.Y.
MRS. MARY KINCH, thirty-five years old, Chatauqua, N.Y.
ANNIE MOORHEAD, seventeen years old, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
JESSIE N. JOBIN, address unknown.
MRS. EDWARD BRADY, Golden Bridge, N.Y.
MARION J. EVANS, White Plains, civil engineer.
MRS. McLANE, fifty years old, employed at Blomingdale Asylum.
Seven unidentified bodies.
The Injured:
ALICE ANGLE, eighteen years, White Plains.
EDWARD APPLE, twenty-seven years old, Sherwood Park, N.Y.
MRS. BALLARD, wife of a druggist in Railroad Avenue, White Plains; suffering from shock, taken home.
MISS A. E. BAKER, twenty-four years old, Hawthorne, N.Y.
MISS A. BAEHRE, Hawthorne.
MR. and MRS. WILLIAM D. BURNS, forty and twenty-six years old respectively, White Plains.
HENRIETTA BRECKNER, of Tarrytown Road; suffering from shock; taken home.
MAUD CASE, fifteen years old, White Plains.
MISS MABEL CLARKE, a school teacher, of Maple Avenue, White Plains; bruised and suffering from shock; taken to White Plains Hospital.
MRS. W. A. CLARK, Brewster, N.Y.; slightly injured.
MRS. WILLIAM H. CLAILI, Brewster, N.Y.; internal injuries.
FRANK COWAN, of William Street, White Plains; suffering from shock; taken to White Plains Hospital.
MISS SADIE GERMAIN, of Mott Street, White Plains; suffering from shock; taken to White Plains Hospital.
WILLIAM F. DEAN, Valhalla, N.Y.; body injuries and spine hurt.
IDA J. DILLON, thirty-seven years old, married, No. 6 Irving Place, White Plains; injuries not known.
EUGENE DOYLE, nineteen years old, No. 302 West 112th Street; seriously injured.
MRS. E. FAYLE, Valhalla.
HENRY FELDHANS, Chappaqua; slightly injured.
BELLA FOWLER, age and address unknown, probably lives in Pleasantville, N.Y.; broken leg and internal injuries.
MARIA GELLER, thirty-four years old, White Plains.
WILLIAM HALL, twelve years old, Mount Kisco.
EDWARD HART, Mount Kisco; contusions about the body.
Colonel HENRY C. HENDERSON, Yonkers, N.Y.; slightly injured.
JOHN HIRLEN, Sherman Park.
G. B. HOBBS, thirty-six years old, Pleasantville.
L. W. HOPKINS, White Plains, conductor of the train.
MR. and MRS. HORTON and their three-year-old son, DAVID C.; contusions about face and hands.
FANNY HUBBARD, sixteen years old; White Plains.
J. J. JACOBS, No. 1 East 42d Street; injured about the hands.
ROBERT A. JACKSON, No. 931 Amsterdam Avenue, slightly injured.
E. JACOBS, Elmsford.
WILLIAM E. KNOX, forty-six years old, White Plains.
BENJAMIN KLINGER, No. 168 Centre Street, New York, the nephew of William Simm.
MRS. E. LANGLE, twenty-six years old, Valhalla.
THOMAS S. MEDIGAN, and son; badly injured.
MARGARET MAHONEY, age not known, Purdist, N.Y.; injuries not known.
SARAH MERRITT, twenty-nine years old, school teacher, Pleasantville; injuries not known.
ABEL NELSON, Pleasantville.
GEORGE NIPPERT, Valhalla; arm and hip broken.

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