Titanic Sinking - Ships Searches for More Bodies


The Mackay Bennett, Chartered by White Star Line, Leaves Halifax with Coffins.


As a Vessel Recovered Thirty of La Bourgogne Dead---Clergymen and Embalmers Aboard.

HALIFAX, N. S. April 17,---The cable ship, Mackay Bennett, which was chartered by the White Star Line to go to the scene of the Titanic disaster, left this port at 2 o'clock this afternoon. The departure of the Mackay Bennett recalled the time a similarly equipped vessel went out from here to search for the survivors or the bodies of the passengers of La Bourgogne.

Aboard the Bennett are more than 100 coffins, and several undertakers and embalmers are among her passengers. The Rev. K. C. Hind of the Church of England also embarked on the Bennett to perform the last rites over bodies which may not be brought ashore.

There is strong hope that some bodies may be picked up, as the ship which went out after the Burgoyne disaster recovered thirty bodies, although the steamer did not leave here till a week after the wreck.

No more news of the Titanic's sinking has been received from the Cunarder Carpathia, which is proceeding to New York with the survivors. The wireless station at Sable Island was in communication with the Carpathia for a time this morning, but no details of the wreck were sent.

The Carpathia reported that she had sighted twenty icebergs off the banks near the scene of the foundering of the Titanic. Further communication with the steamer was interrupted by a heavy electrical storm, and it was said that the Carpathia had been greatly hampered in sending her wireless by the maze of wireless flashes, which are being sent out by the fleet of steamers in the vicinity of the Titanic's sinking, all seeking news of he disaster.

The New York Times, New York, NY 18 Apr 1912