Titanic Sinking - No Rescues by Other Ships


Reports from Vessels Limit the Number of Survivors to 866.
Special to The New York Times

HALIFAX, N. S., April 16, --- All hope that any of the Titanic's passengers were picked up by steamer's other than the Carpathia, which is on her way to New York with 866 survivors, was destroyed to-day when messages from the Allan liners Virginian and Parisian and the Sable Island cable ship Minia stating that they had none of the Titanic's passengers aboard, were picked up here.

the Minia reported this afternoon that she had sighted a great mass of wreckage, but no boats or rafts of the Titanic. The Minia was at Cape Race when the Titanic's first wireless for help was received, and she started to the rescue.

The Parisian got in touch with Sable Island at 11 o'clock this morning, and her Captain reported that he had searched the ocean in the vicinity of the disaster, but had found no sign of human life or of bodies. He reported that the weather was cold, and that any persons who might have clung to wreckage undoubtedly would have died of exposure. The Parisian is expected to reach here to-morrow morning.

A wireless to Cape Race from Capt. Campbell of the Virginian stated that he had arrived at the scene of the disaster too late and was proceeding on his voyage to Liverpool. The Olympic also is proceeding eastward.

These reports have made it certain that none except those aboard the Carpathia were saved from the Titanic, and messages from the Carpathia picked up at Cape Race established the fact that every lifeboat launched by the Titanic was accounted for. Apparently every person for whom there was accommodation in a lifeboat was saved and all others went down with the ship.

The New York Times, New York, NY 17 Apr 1912