Titanic Sinking - First Class Passengers


Had 325 in Her First, 285 in the Second, and 710 in Her Third Cabin.


Many of the Passengers Were Men Well Known Here and Abroad.

There were more than 1,300 passengers on the Titanic, and her crew numbered about 300. In the first cabin were men and women known socially the world over, as well as members of the nobility and men of affairs. Isidor Straus and his wife; Col. John Jacob Astor and his wife; J. Bruce Ismay, managing director of the White Star Line; W. T. Stead, former Editor of the Pall Mall Gazette and The London Review of Reviews; Major Archibald Butt, President Taft's military aid; Jacques Futrelle, the author, and his wife; Col. Alfonso Simonius, President of teh Swiss Bank Verein, and Countess Rothers are some of the better known.

There were 325 in the first cabin, 285 in the second, and 710 shipped third class. The ship's list as cabled from London gives these names of first and second cabin passengers:


Allen, Miss E. W.
Allison, H. J., wife, daughter, son, maid, nurse.
Anderson, Harry.
Andrews, Miss C. I.
Andrews, Thomas.
Appleton, Mrs. E. D.
Artaga-Veytia, R.
Astor, Col. J. J., wife, man, maid.
Aubert, Mrs. N., maid.


Barkworth, O. H.
Baumann, J.
Baxter, Mrs. J.
Baxter, Quigg.
Beattie, T.
Beckwith, R. T.,
Biornstrom, H.
Blackwell, S. W.
Blank, Henry.
Bennell, Miss C.
Bonnell, Lily.
Borebank, J. J.
Bowen, Miss.
Bowerman, Elsie.
Brady, John B.
Brandels, F.
Brayton, E.
Brew, Dr. A. J.
Brown, Mrs. J. J.
Brown, Mrs. J. M.
Bucknell, Mrs. S. W., maid
Butt, Major A.


Calderhead, E. P.
Cardell, Mrs. C.
Cardeza, Mrs. J. W. M., maid
Cardeza, T. D. M., and man
Carison, Frank.
Carran, F. M.
Carran, J. P.
Carter, W. E., wife, maid
Carter, Lucille.
Carter, Master.
Case, Howard B.
Cavendish, T. W., wife, maid
Chafee, H. F., wife
Chambers, N. C., wife
Cherry, Miss G.
Chevro, Paul.
Chibnall, Mrs. E. M.
Chisholm, Robert.
Clark, W. M., wife
Clifford, G. Q.
Colley, E. P.
Compton, Mrs. A. T.
Compton, Miss S. W.
Compton, A. T., Jr.
Cornell, Mrs. B. C.
Crafton, John B.
Crosby, E. G., wife
Cumings, J. B., wife


Daly, P. D.
Daniel, R. W.
Davidson, T., wife
Devifliers, Mrs. B.
Dick, A. A., wife
Dodge, Wm wife, son.
Douglas, Mrs. F. C.
Douglas, W., wife, maid
Dulles, William O.


Earnshew, Mrs. B.
Endres, Miss C.
Eustis, Miss E. M.
Adams, Miss E.
Eganheim, Mrs. A. F.


Flynn, J. I.
Foreman, R. L.
Fortune, M., wife, daughters, son
Franklin, T. P.
Frauenthal, T. G.
Frauenthal, Dr. H., wife
Froilcher, Miss M.
Futrelle, J., wife


Gee, Arthur.
Gibson, Mrs. L.
Gibson, Miss D.
Goldenberg, E. L., wife
Goldenberg, Mrs. E. L.
Goldschmidt, G. B.
Gracie, Col. A.
Graham, Mr.
Graham, Mrs. W.
Graham, Miss M. E.
Greenfield, Mrs. L. D.
Greenfield, W. B.
Giglio, Victor.
Guggenheim, B.


Harder, G. A., wife
Harper, H. S., wife, servant
Harris, H. R., wife
Harrison, W. H.
Haven, H.
Hawksford, W. J.
Hays, C. M., wife, daughter, maid
Head, Christopher.
Host, W. F.
Hilliard, H. H.
Hopkins, W. E.
Hoppach, Mrs. I. S.
Hoppach, Miss J.
Hogeboom, Mrs. J. C.
Holverson, A. O., wife
Hoyt, F. M., wife


Ismay, J. Bruce, manager White Star Line; man
Icham, Miss A. E.


Jakob, Birnbaum.
Jones, C. C.
Julian, H. F.


Kent, Edward A.
Kenyon, F. R., wife
Kimball, E. N., wife
Klaber, Herman.


Lambert, W. S.
Leader, Mrs. A.
Lewy, E. G.
Lines, Mrs. E. H.
Lines, Miss M. C.
Lindstrom, Mrs. J.
Long, Milton C.
Loring, J. H.
Longley, Miss G. F.


Madill, Miss G. A.
Maguite, J. E.
Marechal, Pierre.
Mervin, D. W., wife
McCalfry, T.
McCarthy, T. J.
McGough, J. R.
Melody, A.
Mever, Edgar J., wife
Millet, Frank D.
Minehan, Dr. W. E., wife, daughter
Melsom, H. M.
Moore, C., and man
Morgan, Mr., wife, and maid


Natsch, Charles.
Newell, A. W.
Newell, Miss Alice.
Newell, Miss M.
Newsom, Miss Helen.
Nicholson, A. S.


Ostby, E. C.
Ostby, Miss H. R.
Ovies, S.


Parr, M. H. W.
Partner, Austin.
Payne, V.
Pears, T., wife
Penasco, V., wife, maid
Peuchen, Major A.
Porter, W. C.
Porter, Mrs. T., Jr.


Reuchling, J. G.
Rheims, George.
Robert, Mrs. E. S., maid
Roebling, W. A., 2d.
Rolmans, C.
Rood, Hugh.
Rosenbaum, Miss.
Ross, J. H[illegible].
Rothes, Countess, maid
Rowe, Alfred.
R[illegible]son, A., wife, 2 daughters, son


Saalfeld, Adolph.
Saloman, A. L.
Schabert, Mr.
Seward, Frederick
Schutes, Miss E. W.
Silverthorne, Mr.
Silver, W. B., wife
Simonius, Col. A., President Swiss Banxverein.
Sloper, William T.
Smart, John M.
Smith, R. W.
Snyder, J., wife
Spedden, F. O., wife, son, maid
Spenser, W. A., wife, maid
Stahelin, Dr. Max.
Stead, W. T.
Stehil, M. F., wife
Stengel, C. E. H. E., wife
Stephenson, Mrs. W. B.
Stewart, A. A.
Stone, Mrs. G. M., maid
Straus, I., wife, maid, man
Sutron, Fredeerick.
Swift, Mrs. F. J.


Taussig, F., wife
Taussig, Ruth.
Taylor, E. S., wife
Thayer, J. B., wife,
Thayer, J. B., Jr.
Thorne, G., wife
Tucker, G. M., Jr.


Uruchurtu, Mr.


Vanderhoef, W.


Walker, W. A.
Warren, F. M., wife
Weir, J.
White, M. J.
White, P. W.
White, R. F., wife, maid, man
Wick, Miss Mary.
Widener, G. D., wife
Widener, Harry.
Willard, Miss C.
Williams, Duane.
Williams, N. M., Jr.
Woolner, Hugh.
Wright, George.


Young, Miss M.

The New York Times, New York, NY 16 Apr 1912