Titanic Sinking - Titanic Due to Arrive Wednesday

The White Star liner Titanic which, for a year at least, will be the largest vessel in the world, is due to arrive in New York on Wednesday afternoon at the end of her maiden westward passage of the Atlantic. The Olympic, the Titanic's great sister, started from New York yesterday on the first voyage that she has ever made as only the second biggest ship afloat. The tonnage of the Olympic is 45,324, while that of the Titanic is 46,328 tons.

When the Titanic steams into the Hudson this week New Yorkers will see a ship that is more than four city blocks long, and which, if stood on end, would be 181.7 feet higher than the Metropolitan Life tower and 270 feet higher than the Singer Building.

If it were possible to drop the Titanic into Broadway, for instance, at Thirty-eighth Street, she would occupy a space more than 92 feet wide, he rudders would be about opposite the Knickerbocker Theater, while the point of her stern would extend about 80 feet north of Forty-second Street into Times Square.

Like her sister, the Olympic, the Titanic is a four-funneled boat, the great stacks rising a fraction over 81 feet above the upper deck, while the distance from the top of the funnels to the keel is about 175 feet. As for the passenger accommodations, they are among the most gorgeous of any ship ever built. There are also many innovations for travelers. They who can afford it can in the future have a private promenade deck all to themselves. Those private promenade decks are in connection with some of the finer suites, and the Titanic is the first vessel to offer this additional luxury.

Other features are the Parisian cafe and the Palm Room. In the main dining room 600 passengers can dine in comfort at the same time, and there is an addition a French restaurant where 200 more may dine a  la carte. Then there are Turkish baths, a swimming pool, a finely fitted gymnasium, and a squash racquet court.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Apr 1912