Syracuse, NY Syracuse Ball Team in Trolley Wreck, Jun 1901


Car Jumps The Track And Topples Over

Twenty Of The Passengers Are Quite Seriously Injured

Among Them Five Players Of The Syracuse Base Ball Team

Syracuse, N. Y., June 5.---A north bound trolley car on the Syracuse, Lakeside and Baldwinsville road, with forty-eight passengers, including six of the Syracuse Eastern league base ball team and six policeman, jumped the track on a sharp curve this afternoon, went across the south bound track and toppled over, injuring more than twenty people seriously. Five of the Syracuse players were hurt,---DEMONTREVILLE, LYNCH, HORTON, WHITE and MCMANUS. DEMONTREVILLE and WHITE each had the left leg broken; LYNCH and HORTON were badly cut, and MCMANUS had two fingers broken. WHITE and DEMONTREVILLE will be out of the game will be out of the game for months. The others will probably be all right in a week. Today's game with Toronto was postponed.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 6 Jun 1901



Both the conductor and motorman, William CAHILL and John BRANDLE, have made statements to Superintendent SMITH, and the latter is satisfied that the crew was not a fault. The motorman says he applied the hand brake and then the electric brake, but both refused to work. With both brakes useless and the car going down grade his momentum increased, and when the forward wheels struck the curve the car was turned completely around, the wheels left the track and the car fell over on its side.

The occupants of the car were very fortunate in not sustaining any injury. Of the thirty-five who were injured all are reported as doing well this morning and none of them are in the least danger. Jack WHITE and Lee DEMONTREVILLE, of the Syracuse base ball team, are the most seriously injured. Frank G. LEONARD, manager of the team, visited WHITE at the House of the Good Shepherd this morning. He found the young man resting very comfortably, and it is said now that neither one of the players will be out of the game as long as was at first expected. WHITE'S injuries are to his left arm and left leg. DEMONTREVILLE was injured about the left thigh and his left thumb was dislocated. He is confined to his room in the Empire house. Elmer HORTON, another one of the Syracuse players, was badly shaken up and spent a very restless night. It is expected that he will be unable to play for some time. All the other players have entirely recovered and will e in the game today.

Policeman Hurt Badly

Patrolman James D. MILLER was another of the seriously injured, which will cause him to be off duty for some time. He is resting very comfortably today, however. Dr. E. L. MOONEY is attending him.

William E. HURD was taken from the car unconscious and removed to his home at 510 Catherine street in the city ambulance. He sustained internal injuries, but they are not regarded as dangerous. Dr. [?L.] A. WEAVER is attending him.

Any number of theories are advanced to account for the accident. One electrical expert said that the motor man turned on the full power to stop the car so suddenly that the wheels of the car became locked and slid along the tracks.

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