Savannah, NY Train Collision, Aug 1924


Syracuse, N.Y., Aug. 30 - Forty-two persons are known to have been injured, several of them probably fatally, when the west bound Detroiter and the Lake Shore Limited, passenger trains on the New York Central, crashed in a rear end collision near Savannah at 1:40 o'clock this morning. Dense fog is believed to have obscured signals and caused the accident. The injured have been taken to Rochester and this city on special relief trains.
Among the known injured are:
WALTER GIBBONS, engineer of the Detroiter, Buffalo, compound fracture of the left leg, burns, head lacerations and possible fracture of the skull.
CHARLES GLEASON, fireman, Buffalo, internal injuries.
MRS. H. A. HATHAWAY, Syracuse, bride of a few hours, taken to Rochester seriously injured.
MISS COOPER, secretary general, General Electric Company, Schenectady, seriously injured, taken to Rochester.
An unidentified woman passenger is suffering from a fractured skull and may die. A porter is seriously injured.
Ten passengers have broken legs and other injuries and have been taken to Rochester.
The Lake Shore Limited stopped at the beginning of a signal block system with a broken air hose. Members of the crew said they set torpedoes to warn the Detroiter, which left Syracuse 15 minutes later.
Engineer GIBBONS on the Detroiter applied the emergency brakes, but the entire engine plowed through the last car of the limited for a distance of 15 feet.
Most of the injured were passengers on the Lake Shore Limited, who were thrown from their berths by the impact. None were injured in the partly telescoped Pullman. Six coaches were derailed tieing up traffic in both directions.

Pittston Gazette Pennsylvania 1924-08-30