Oswego, NY Fatal Bobsled Accident, Jan 1888


A "Bob" Running at the Rate of Seventy-five Miles an Hour Collides With a Load of Timber.

OSWEGO, N. Y., January 16. -- Benjamin Sawyer, one of the young men injured in the coasting accident Saturday evening, is dead and one or two others are liable to die. There were ten person on the bobs. The hill where the accident occurred is very steep and was one mass of ice, and the bobs were running at least seventy-fire miles an hour. Near the bottom of the hill they ran into a heavy load of timber, knocking it into a ditch. Every person on the bobs were rendered insensible from the force of the collision and some were horribly cut and mangled. Sawyer, who died, did not regain consciousness, both hips being broken and the bones driven into his abdomen. He was married on New Year's day. It required 100 stitches to sew up the cuts in John Mallot's abdomen and his arm was broken and his head cut. George Sawyer, brother of the dead man, has a fractured skull. Others are in bad shape. The City Council set aside the hill where the accident occurred for coasting. The farmer who owned the load of timber was warned of the approach of the bobs, but refused to stop for a moment. It is said that he was intoxicated.

Cleveland Leader, Cleveland, OH 17 Jan 1888