Luzon, NY Train Wreck, Feb 1907

Luzon, New York Train Wreck, Feb 1907

The wrecked train left New York at 12:30 o’clock this afternoon.

The unidentified man is believed to have been Engineer J. D. VALQUETTO of Cadosia, who was learning the road and was seen to board the engine here.

The explosion is believed to have been due to the pipe between the tank and the engine freezing, which prevented the water feeding into the boiler properly.

The Post Standard, Syracuse, NY 14 Feb 1907


The unidentified man in the cab was blown to pieces. He is believed to have been Engineer J. D. Valquette, who was learning the road, and was seen to get on the engine here.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 14 Feb 1907


According to the 1900 Census for Walton, Delaware County, NY, Engineer Gadwood is William Gadwood. In 1910 he was 32 (born Jun 1867) and lived with his wife Elnora and children Harold J., 11, Ruth A., 6, and infant Frank C.

Charles E. Doell is listed as Charles W. Doell in the 1900 Census. He lived on Lincoln Street in Middletown, NY with his wife Mary A. and daughter Mary A. He was 40 in 1900 (born Apr 1860).

Also, according to the 1900 census, J. D. Valquette could be James Valequett, 23, a French Canadian who was a railroad fireman in 1900. He lived with his wife, Nora and infant son, Edward in Hancock, Delaware Co., NY. Other French Canadian families in the same area were listed as Vallequtte and Valiquette.