Luzon, NY Train Wreck, Feb 1907

Luzon, New York Train Wreck, Feb 1907

Engineer of Passenger Train is Fatally Injured.

Bodies of Victims Hurled Far Into Field – Dozen Passengers Are Hurt, but None of Them Seriously.

MIDDLETOWN, Feb. 13. – The boiler of the engine pulling an Ontario & Western Railroad passenger train which left here this afternoon at 3 o’clock exploded near Luzon, Sullivan county. The train was running at the rate of forty miles an hour. The fireman and an unidentified man, who was riding in the cab of the engine, were killed, the engineer was fatally hurt and several other persons were seriously injured.

The dead:
MARTIN MULLEN of Middletown, fireman.
Unidentified Man.

The injured:
Engineer GADWOOD of Walton; believed fatally.
Conductor CHARLES E. DOELL of Middletown; shoulder broken and internally injured.
Baggagemaster, PETER RILEY of Middletown; bruised about back.

A dozen of the passengers were hurt, but none of them seriously. Dr. PERCY DEADY of the Loomis Sanitarium, Liberty was on the train and attended the injured.

The body of Fireman MULLEN was blown 100 feet into a field, and his head was torn off. The unknown man in the cab was blown to pieces. Engineer GADWOOD was also thrown into a field by the force of the explosion.

The engine was blown to pieces, and the baggage car was badly damaged. Four coaches left the rails and went into a ditch.

A relief train having surgeons on board has gone to the scene of the wreck, which is thirty-three miles north of here. The dead and injured have been conveyed to Luzon.