Conesus, NY Train Wreck, Oct 1858

The Accident on the Buffalo and New York Railroad -- Five Persons Killed.

[From the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, Oct. 28]

The night express train from New York, coming west, met with an accident this morning about nine o'clock, about a mile east of Conesus, by which the engine-tender, baggage, and two passenger cars were smashed up, involving a loss of five lives, besides inflicting dangerous and serious wounds upon others.

The train was running at the usual speed, the track being on an ordinary ditch embankment, a few feet above the level of the country. The passenger and baggage cars, it was found, were off the track, and, before the speed of the engine could be checked, they were completely wrecked, the material composing them being scattered over considerable space. The engine remained upon the track, the spreading of which caused the dreadful calamity.

The accident was soon telegraphed East and West, and medical and other aid was promptly despatched [sic] to the scene of the accident. It is hoped in time to be of avail to some of the injured persons.

The following five persons were instantly killed, some of them being dreadfully mutilated:
O. HURD, a drover from New York city.
S. M. REED, Greene, Chenango county.
A WOMAN and INFANT, who are unknown.

H. M. VALENTINE, New York city.
ELIAS KUHN, New York city.
J. R. PADDOCK, Terre Haute, Indiana.
DAVID TREEWELLENGER, Green county, New York.
MRS. DAVID TREEWELLENGER, Green county, New York.
MATHIAS FOX, Avoca, New York.
W. WILLIS, St. Johnsville, New York.
WM. McEWEN, Ashtabula, Ohio.

There are several others badly wounded, whose names we have not learned, and the number slightly hurt --- that is, entailing nothing worse than temporary illness and inconvenience --- we do not know, but it is probably considerable, though there were but two passenger cars in the train. None of the employees are mentioned among either the killed or injured.

Philadelphia Press 1858-10-30