Albany, NY Electric Train Wreck, May 1901


DAVID MAHONEY One of the Men Killed in Yesterday's Smashup Near Albany.

(Special to the Eagle.)
Albany, May 28 – DAVID MAHONEY, one of the victims of the collision on the Albany and Hudson Electric road yesterday, was a resident of Brooklyn. He was 60 years of age and unmarried.

He had been in the employ of the People's Line for thirty years, and for twenty-five years was second mate on the steamer Richmond. MR. MAHONEY'S brother resides in Brooklyn and a sister lives in Schenectady. Deceased was a member of a number of Catholic fraternal societies.

MAHONEY left the boat about 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon in company with CHARLES KELLER, the company's cooper, and boarded the car on which he met his death at the landing of the People's Line.

The number of injured in the collision had swelled to sixty by noon to-day, although there had been no additional deaths up to that hour.

The responsibility for the disaster is placed at the door of Motorman FRANK SMITH of North Chatham, who had charge of the power propelling car 22, the south bound vehicle which ran beyond the siding where, under the rules of the company, it should have remained until the other car had passed by.

Second Vice-President A. C. SALLISBURY of the company gave out a statement to-day in which he called attention to the fact that each employe [sic] of the company is provided with a time table and code of rules. The time table expressly states that car No. 22, leaving Albany at 3 P. M., Sunday, should have been at Siding No. 69 at 3:30 o'clock, and car 19, which was the north bound car from Hudson, should have been at the same point at the same hour.

There is a belief that Motorman SMITH had become temporarily demented and that he was practically insane when he ran the car at the full rate of speed beyond the siding and to what he must have know was certain death. His wife died some time ago and it is said that he has brooded over her death a great deal.

It is believed that MRS. WILLIAM F. LINK, the wife of a grocer of this city, who, with her husband was injured; MRS. MITCHELL LINK of East Greenbush and GEORGE C. BARRY of Troy will die.

The wreck was cleared from the track at an early hour this morning and traffic on the road has been resumed as usual to-day.

Brooklyn Eagle New York 1901-05-27