New York, NY Elevated Train Wreck, May 1904

Rear End Collision.

Motorman Killed and Five Passengers Injured.

New York, May 10.-A rear-end collision between two trains on the Third avenue elevated between 56th and 57th streets yesterday killed Motorman Cornell of the rear train and seriously injured five passengers. The motor car of the rear train was thrown half off the elevated structure. Fire apparatus was summoned and the firemen took the injured down on ladders. The accident occurred at one of the busiest times in the afternoon and traffic on elevated and surface lines was blocked.

The trains were on the southbound track. The first car of the rear train smashed its way three quarters of a length through the rear car of the second train and the exposed wiring set fire to the wreckage. While the fire was not serious it added to the panic.

On the tottering edge of the elevated structure two cars hung out over the side at an angle of about 45 degrees, but they were propped up by firemen. The cars could not be drawn apart and it was necessary to chop them to pieces.

When the firemen arrived the passengers, many of whom were women, were running about wildly on the elevated structure or were struggling to get out of the cars. Several were injured by leaping from the windows.

Coroner Scholer ordered the arrest of the conductors of both trains and the motorman of the first train.

The first train had been held up by repairs at 56th street and was at a standstill when the accident occurred.

Evening Tribune, Hornellsville, NY 10 May 1904