New York, NY Independence Day Accidents, Jul 1911

City Not Yet Free Of 4th Accidents

Fewer This Year, but a Long List Still of Casualties Due to Reckless Pistol Shooting.

According to the hospital surgeons at various large institution of this city last night the number of accidents was small compared with previous Fourth of July records. Nevertheless, the number was formidable and included many children. A larger percentage of accidents than usual owed their origin to the use of revolvers, loaded with ball cartridges. A stray bullet struck five persons last night on the steps of the house at 212 and 214 East Eighty-first Street. Two of the victims were women, one was a child, and the other two were men, one of the 75 years old.

Alexander Mutterholzer, 16 years old, of 434 East Fifth Street, was arraigned before Magistrate House in Essex Market charged with having discharged a piston in Seventh Street, near Avenue A. Magistrate House, after finding that the gun contained only blank cartridges, discharged the boy and confiscated the pistol. He said he was in favor of a safe and sane Fourth, but he had no desire to make a criminal of the boy by punishing him.

One of the victims, Joseph Keeting, an eleven year old boy, died from a revolver shot. He was the only son of Mrs. Minnie Keating, who lost her husband, Jeremiah, by death two weeks ago. The little fellow died from a shot fired by one of two boys who were shooting salutes with ball cartridges.

Little Joe was playing in a large rock filled vacant lot in the rear of his home, 575 Roberts Avenue, the Bronx, with a score of boys his own age, when two older boys came along Trinity Avenue, shooting in the air. Walter Gross, one of the little fellows, high upon a rock pile shouted to his companions to hide themselves behind rocks, and all but little Joe found protection. He was struck in the left lung. He ran 200 yards to his home and fell dead on his mother’s door step.

Lydia Greeves, the two year old daughter of Horace Greeves, of Carlton Avenue, Rockaway Beach, had both of her little legs peppered with bird shot from her papa’s gun yesterday. Her father was cleaning the gun preparatory to putting it away when it was accidentally discharged. The little girl was taken to the Rockaway Beach Hospital, where it was said that her condition is serious.

Edna May Huitt, a 9-year-old schoolgirl, who lives at 233 West Eighteenth Street, was shot in the right leg yesterday at Seventeenth Street and Seventh Avenue. Nichlosa Montana of College Point. L.I., who was celebrating the Fourth by firing ball cartridges, was arrested, and the little girl was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

John Maloney, 32 years old, the owner of the Continental Hotel, Eighth Avenue and Fifty-first Street, was shot in the side and painfully wounded by a blank cartridge. Tony Castiliono, 28 years old, of 161 West Fifty-seventh Street, who discharge the revolver, was arrested.

Henriette Buckley, 24 years old, of 302 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, was shot in the head an received a slight scalp wound aboard the steamer Albion off Glen Island.

At a late hour fifteen cases of Fourth of July accidents were reported from the emergency ward of Roosevelt Hospital, eight for pistol, gunshot, or blank cartridge wounds and seven for powder burns.

Eugene Kneit, a driver of 1,936 Second Avenue, was shot by a ball cartridge. The shot struck Kneit in the left leg and he was taken to the Reception Hospital. His assailant is not known. Other persons injured by bullets from firearms during the day were:

RUPERTS, JOSEPH, driver; shot in the back; treated at St. Gregory’s Hospital.
BOND, HARRY, 1440 Washington Avenue; shot in left hand; treated at Lebanon Hospital.
KANE, WILLIAM J., 553 Brook Avenue, the Bronx; shot in left hand; treated at Lebanon Hospital.
CUNNIGHAM, ROBERT J., 257 East 151st Street; shot in the left hand; treated at Lebanon Hospital.
PECK, FLORENCE, 226 East Second Street; shot in right leg; treated at Gouverneur Hospital.
LESSE, BETTY, 310 East Fortieth Street; shot in left arm; treated at Bellevue Hospital.
WEKELER, JOSEPH, 82 Madison Street; cartridge wound in hand; treated at Hudson Street Hospital.
GINSBERG, HANS, 217 Henry Street; shot in hand; treated at Gouverneur Hospital.

The New York Times, New York, NY 5 Jul 1911