New York, NY Long Island Standard Oil Co Explosion and Fire, Feb 1884


The Tanks of the Standard Oil Company on Fire on Long Island.

NEW YORK, Feb. 9.—Shortly after two o’clock yesterday afternoon an explosion was heard in the yard of the Long Island refinery of the Standard Oil company, situated at the foot of Tenth street, the Charity hospital on Blackwell’s Island being shook to its foundations. In a few minutes another explosion took place, and this was followed by a third. All the tugboats belonging to the company were summoned at once by telephone, and a general fire alarm was sounded. Four tanks were quickly in flames, and the warehouse on the river front was set on fire. Across a channel, filled at this time with shipping, is the Empire refinery. The burning oil ran into the river crossed, the channel, set fire to a canal boat and a barge, and for a time endangered the neighboring refinery.

The first explosion was in tank No. containing 2,000 barrels of distillate oil. A tar tank contained 1,500 barrels; a tank of naphtha, 3,000 barrels; a tank of refined oil, 1,500 barrels, and the storehouse 1,500 barrels. The storehouse, a long, narrow, one-storied brick building, was nearly destroyed, only one wall remaining standing. It had been covered with a new roof last summer. About sixty men were in this building when the fire was discovered. Patrick McCarthy, a filler, was burned slightly. The building used for cooperage was only a few yards from the storehouse, but the firemen kept it cool with numerous streams of water. The machinery in the shops further away was not injured. The bulkhead was damaged considerably. The entire loss amounted to about $60,000.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 9 Feb 1884