Poughkeepsie, NY Train Wreck, Jan 1858



We today give the harrowing particulars of a catastrophe, the like of which has not been known since the wholesale slaughter at Burlington, on the Camden and Amboy Railroad. It appears that owing to some defect in the track, the Albany morning express down train for this city yesterday afternoon, came to a halt at the crossing at Montgomery Cove, a few miles below Poughkeepsie, and while standing motionless upon the track, the Poughkeepsie up train came along at full speed, and dashed headlong into the Albany train, smashing to fragments one car, and nearly demolishing another.
A brief warning of the impending danger had been given the occupants of the cars, and several of them succeeded in making their escape in safety; but the majority of them remained to receive the full force of the terrific shock, and to be buried amid the rubbish of cars, and the fire and scalding water of the locomotive. Three persons were killed outright, and twenty-two were frightfully scalded or otherwise wounded, many of whom cannot recover.
As far as ascertained, the following is a list of the killed and wounded:

A young man and woman, names unknown -- both terribly mutilated.
MRS. GREEN, of Utica, was taken from the ruins alive, but died soon after.

Two ladies unknown, lying at the Exchange House, very badly scalded, so that their recovery is considered doubtful.
MR. and MRS. ROBERTS, of Albany, slightly wounded.
Three children of the above, badly scalded and bruised.
J. D. GOTT, of New York, slightly bruised.
ABEL PRIEST, of New York, cut in the head.
CATHERINE HOWELL, (colored,) of New York, collar bone broken, head bruised, &c.
MR. BOGERT, of New York, head cut, and side and limbs injured, but not dangerously.
MRS. CAMPBELL, of Utica, slightly injured.
H. EMMERSON, of Vernon, Oneida County, slightly injured.
MRS. OSCAR HULL, of New Haven; slightly injured.
Captain SCHULER, of Albany, badly bruised and mutilated.
MISS GARDNER, a sister of H. MIX, of this city, and MR. POND, slightly injured.
GEORGE KLOSS, of Madison County, Ohio, skull fractured; in a precarious state.
GEORGE HARRINGTON, of Washington, D. C., face scalded, and otherwise injured.
DANIEL LORD, lawyer, of New York, slightly injured.
JAMES LUDIUM, of New York, slightly injured.
A little girl, name unknown, lying at Rutzer's Hotel; will probably die before morning.
[From the New York Tribune of Friday.]

The Quincy Daily Whig Illinois 1856-01-18