New York, NY Boat Accident and Drowning, Sept 1898


Palmist, It Is Said, Predicted the Boys Would Meet that Fate.

Heman Leddy, who lives at 16 Carleton Avenue, Brooklyn, called at the home of Deputy Coroner Kelly of Kings County late Wednesday night and inquired about the body of his brother, Theodore, who. it is believed, was drowned last Sunday night off the foot of Broadway, East River. Leddy said that his brother and two friends were in a small boat on Sunday morning towing a raft in the direction of one of the down-town docks when they were run into by the ferryboat Vermont. The small boat was upset, but all of the occupants of the boat were rescued except Leddy, who has not been heard of since.

The case had not been reported to the police or Coroner. The missing boy was one of three brothers, and the brother told the Coroner that his mother had an interview with a palmist and astrologer about thirteen years ago, and had been told that her three sons would meet death by drowning. A year afterward one of the sons was drowned while bathing.

"I am the only one of the three boys left now," said Herman to the Coroner. "I guess I'll be the next victim."

The New York Times, New York, NY 9 Sept 1898