Galoo Island, NY (Lake Ontario) Schooner M. (MARY) BALLARD Sinking, Dec 1866



[From The Detroit Post, December 4]
The season now just at its close has been one of remarkable exemption from afflicting disasters on the western lakes, but we are now compelled to record one of a fearful character, which will carry grief and agony to many a fireside.
A dispatch was received from Oswego yesterday, by Captain Hugh Coyne, announcing the loss of the schooner M. Ballard, with all on board. The shipwreck occurred at the Galloe Islands, near the foot of Lake Ontario. The Ballard was owned by captain Coyne, and was in command of his brother, Captain JOHN COYNE. The crew is supposed to have consisted of nine persons in all, but we have been able to obtain the names of only two in addition to the captain. These are JOSEPH PAYMENT, the mate, a young man from 25 to 28 years old, whose residence is unknown, and E. W. GUYNON, the cook, aged 30, whose home was in Chelsea, Washtenaw County, where his parents, brothers and sisters all reside. MR. C. has been in the employ of the owner of the Ballard for a number of years, and was much respected for his correct deportment.
Captain JOHN COYNE, although a young man, scarcely twenty-five, was a skillful navigator, and leaves many warm friends to mourn his untimely fate. He leaves no family.
The vessel was bound from Toledo to Ogdensburgh with a cargo of 13,800 bushels of corn. She left the canal on Wednesday, the 28th with the wind down the lake. The date of the occurrence of the disaster is not given, but a letter from the captain of the schooner Com. Foote states that a gale of almost unexampled severity swept over Lake Ontario on Friday, the 30th, and it was, no doubt, in this gale that the gallant bark went down beneath the angry waters with all its precious freight of human lives.
The Ballard was a craft of medium size. She was built in 1855, and thoroughly rebuilt in 1864, about $10,000 being expended on her. She was valued at $12,500, and insured for $10,000.
Captain Coyne left last evening for Oswego. Three of the bodies have arrived at that place.

Daily Milwaukee News Wisconsin 1866-12-07