New York City, NY Bowery Theatre Fire, May 1828

New York, May 27.

A fire occurred last evening which destroyed all the buildings on the east side of Bayard street, between the Bowery and Elizabeth street -- most of those on the Bowery from Bayard to Pump street, including the Theatre and nearly all on the same square in Elizabeth street.
The fire broke out, as we understood, in Chambers & Underhill's Livery Stables in Bayard street, about a quarter past 6 o'clock P.M. and communicated with great rapidity to the adjoining buildings, no less than 6 or seven being enveloped in flames in the course of a few minutes. On the arrival of the engines, the flames had gained such ascendency as to baffle for a long time the efforts of the firemen, and extended to the Theatre in the rear on Elizabeth street, and to the front on the Bowery, totally destroying the intervening buildings in each direction.
The extensive and elegant edifice, the Bowery Theatre, was entirely consumed and the rear wall fell to the ground. The flames communicated to the wooden cornice gutters and spread through the roof, and interior, destroying nearly the whole of the scenery, furniture, wardrobes, &c.
This disaster occurred just before the time for opening the theatre for the performances announced for the benefit of Mrs. Gilfert at which a crowded house was expected. Some of the performers, and other persons attached to the establishment were in the Theatre, and reports were spread during the conflagration, that some of them were injured, but we learned that this report was incorrect.
It is said that insurance to the amount of $50,000 was effected on the Theatre. The whole loss of property was estimated at 150 to 200,000 dollars.
Several carriages and seven horses in the stables were burnt.
The fire was subdued about 11 o'clock last night.

The Delaware Weekly Advertiser And Farmers Journal Wilmington 1828-06-05