Philadelphia Junction, NY Train Wreck, Oct 1918


Freight Trains Crash With Fatal Results at Philadelphia Junction - C. E. KING and FRED GREIB Killed.

In a head-on collision of two freight trains occurring near the town line crossing two miles north of Philadelphia Junction about 10:30 Saturday forenoon, Engineman C. E. KING, of Oswego, was killed in the cab of his wrecked engine. Engineman, R. GOODENOUGH was severely scalded about the arms, hands and head; Fireman F. GREIB, of Ogdensburg, sustained a badly fractured leg and had the foot crushed. He died at the Watertown City hospital Sunday morning. Fireman H. WARNER, of Watertown, sustained a sprained ankle; Conductor THOMAS H. LEET, of Watertown, was injured internally; Brakeman E. N. GLEASON was cut and scalded and Brakeman F. MONICA was badly scalded and otherwise injured.

Both engines were wrecked and thrown in the ditch and about twenty freight cars were piled and wrecked, some of the cars splintering telegraph poles and tearing down the wires.

A fog was rolling across the tracks at Holdens Bridge, from Indian river, and the first the trainmen of the two freights knew of the proximity of another train was when the engines loomed up not over ten car lengths apart. The crash that came before the train crews had a chance to jump was appalling, the two engines ramming into one another right through to the cabs. Freight cars were shattered, splintered and piled up in the ditches and along the roadbed, fifteen to twenty-five in all. The track was torn up for about thirty rods. The wreck is supposed to have resulted from a misunderstanding of orders.

Lowville Journal & Republican New York 1918-10-31


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Philadelphia, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1918

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