Tyngsborough, NY Train Accident, Oct 1857

FATAL ACCIDENT. The train which left this city at 5 o'clock on Saturday evening for Concord, N. H., ran over a man named J. P. HANSCOMB, at Tynsboro station, and injured him so that he died in about an hour after. Both legs and an arm were crushed off. He was a passenger form Lowell to Nashua, and had steeped[sic] off the train to speak with a friend while the cars stopped at the way station. In attempting to get on again after they had started, he lost his footing and fell underneath the wheels. His wife and child were on board the train when the accident occurred, returning home to Nashua with him.----[ Boston Jour.

The Farmers' Cabinet, Amherst, NH 7 Oct 1857


FATAL RAILROAD ACCIDENT.---On Saturday afternoon, as the 5 o'clock train from this city reached Tyngsborough, on the Nashua and Lowell Railroad, a man named J. W. HANSON, a well digger from Nashua, in attempting to get on board, fell under the wheels, and had both his legs crushed in a shocking manner.----He was carried to Nashua, where he died in about an hour after the accident. His wife and children were on board the train at the time.--- Boston Traveller.

New Hampshire Patriot & State Gazette, Concord, NH 7 Oct 1857


Tyngsborough, NY Train Accident, Oct 1857

This incident occurred in New Hampshire, not New York State.