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Alamogordo, NM Bomber Crashes, Apr 1945


Alamogordo, N.M., April 2. -- (UP) -- Twelve men of the crew of a four-engined bomber were killed when the plane crashed eight miles northeast of Alamogordo, Colonel John W. Warren, commanding officer of the army air field here, announced today.
Two crew members parachuted to safety without injury. The bomber crashed at 8:30 p.m. Sunday night while on a combat training flight, the colonel said.
All next of kin have been notified.

San Mateo Times California 1945-04-01



Alamogordo, April 2. (AP) -- Col. John W. Warren, commandant, announced today that 12 of the crew were killed and two parachuted safely last night when a four-engine bomber crashed eight miles northeast of Alamagordo army air field.
The dead:
Second Lt. GEO. C. JACKSON, Alamogordo.
Second Lt. NEIL T. WILEY, St. Paul, Minn.
Flight Officer RICHARD T. LASSELL, South Minneapolis, Minn.
Second Lt. DONALD K. KILGORE, Opportunity, Wash.
Second Lt. VERNON ASELPH, Alamogordo.
Pfc. JOHN M. MacBETH, Tularosa.
Cpl. ROBERT D. KRAMER, Alamogordo.
Cpl. JAMES J. PANEK, JR., Alamogordo.
Pvt. ROBERT F. MULLIN, New York.
S. Sgt. HOWARD E. WELLS, Lyle, Minn.
Sgt. WILLIAM E. STACK, East Detroit, Mich.
Pvt. WEBB L. EADY, Helena, Ala.

Las Cruces Sun-News New Mexico 1945-04-02


Yes, Thank You Stu Beitler

One of the crew members, Pfc. JOHN M. MacBETH was my dad. I have looked for information about this crash for a long time, and found it tonight -- 5-23-2015.

Thank you Stu, for putting this together.

Regards, Bill

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