Elizabeth, NJ Train Wreck, Jan 1892


Two Freight Trains Crash Together at Elizabeth.

A big smashup of freight cars occurred Saturday evening on the Pennsylvania Railroad at the Murray street crossing, Elizabeth, and was the indirect cause of the death of two men. The east bound trains were running close together. The head train was stopped by a signal at the point where the Central Road crosses. The heavy grade in the approach to this crossing was too great for the delayed train to climb, and the train behind was signaled to move forward and assist by pushing up the grade. As this was about to be done the head train parted and the rear portion rolled backward, causing a collision at Murray street. Two grain cars were demolished, the engine of the rear train crashing through one and mounting the other.

Two other cars in the middle of the rear train were smashed, and all the tracks were blocked with debris, delaying travel for several hours. A large number of passengers got off the trains that were stalled along the track and started to walk to Elizabeth on the east bound track, which, unknown to them, was being used for west-bound trains. Suddenly an express train dashed into them, instantly killing MR. FRED WHITEHEAD and JOHN DILLON, both of Elizabeth.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1892-01-08