Whitings, NJ Forest Fires, May 1880

WHITINGS, N. J., May 13.---A forest fire has been raging in the vicinity of this place since 11 o'clock this morning. It started about half a mile north of this place, supposed to have been caused by a freight locomotive of the New-Jersey Southern Railroad. It is now somewhat under control, but has burned a large tract of valuable oak and pine timber. A house, occupied by Clayton Lewis, was in the track of the fire, and was consumed, the occupants having barely time to remove their household goods. The barn of James Giberson was also burned. By the utmost exertion the house of W. R. Flinn was saved, although the family had everything packed, ready for a move. A lot of fencing was burned on the farms of D. Hilliard and W. R. Flinn. If rain does not fall before long there will not be a piece of green timber left in this region. If the wind should change its course, there is danger of the fire springing up afresh.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 May 1880