Allenwood, NJ Wagon And Train Crash, Dec 1898



Manasquan, N.J., Dec. 17. - A wagon containing eight persons was struck by a train on the Pennsylvania Railroad last night at the Allenwood crossing, a few miles from Manasquan, and four were killed, two fatally injured and two others seriously injured. The dead are MRS. ELLEN ALLEN; BESSIE ALLEN, her daughter; MRS. ALLIE ALGER and JENNIE CRAMMER. The fatally injured are DAVIS S. ALLEN, husband of MRS. ALLEN, who was killed; and KATIE ALLEN, their daughter. The infant child of MRS. ALGER and WILLIE ALLEN, son of DAVIS S. ALLEN, will recover.
MR. ALLEN was of the family from which Allenwood takes its name. He and his family had been to Asbury Park in the afternoon visiting a relative, Mrs. Alger. They were driving home, and had reached the crossing, which is within a few hundred yards of the entrance to Mr. Allen's place, when the wagon was struck by the train. The eight occupants were thrown in every direction. The train was stopped immediately after the accident and the train hands and passengers went back to the scene of the accident.
The victims were found lying about, and were carried into Mr. Allen's house. MRS. ALLEN was almost cut to pieces. Her daughter, BESSIE, was also badly mangled. MR. ALLEN'S skull is believed to be fractured, and his spine is injured. KATIE ALLEN had her skull fractured and a number of ribs broken. MRS. ALGER and MISS CRAMMER, who had been induced to return to the Allen household by Mr. Allen were killed instantly. MRS. ALGER'S infant child appears to be but slightly hurt. WILLIE ALLEN has two ribs broken.
Davis S. Allen is one of the most prominent men in this part of New Jersey.

The Allentown Leader Pennsylvania 1898-12-17