Woodbridge, NJ Train-Auto Wreck, Jun 1910


Men on Rear Seat of Machine Escape Injury in Crossing Crash.

New Brunswick, N. J., June 22.--Two automobiles were killed today when a locomotive struck their automobile near Woodbridge, N. J. They were Thomas Gilfeather, and automobile salesman, of Cincinnati, and A. Morris, a chauffeur, of New York.

There were four men in the automobile. The locomotive struck the front end of the machine and the two men who were riding in the rear seat were not injured. They disappeared after the accident. Morris was hurled out and his skull was fractured, causing instant death.

Gilfeather was pinned under the automobile, which took fire, and he was burned to death.

The men who jumped out and ran away were poorly dressed and, it is thought, they may have been tramps who had been given a ride by Morris.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 23 Jun 1910